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Ausgewählte Publikationen der Arbeitsgruppe Integrative und Anthroposophische Medizin.

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Thronicke, A., Reinhold, T., von Trott, P., Grah, C., Matthes, B., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Cost-effectiveness of real-world administration of chemotherapy and add-on Viscum album L. therapy compared to chemotherapy in the treatment of stage IV NSCLC patients.  PLoS ONE. 2020;15(7):e0236426. Pubmed:

Thronicke, A., Reinhold, T., von Trott, P., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Cost-Effectiveness of Real-World Administration of Concomitant Viscum album L. Therapy for the Treatment of Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.  Evid-Based Compl Alt. 2020;2020:3543568. Pubmed:

Oei, S.L., Thronicke, A., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Evaluation of the effects of integrative non-pharmacological interventions on the internal coherence and resilience of breast cancer patients.  Support Care Cancer. 2020. Pubmed:

Oei, S.L., Thronicke, A., Kröz, M., von Trott, P., Schad, F., Matthes, H.:  Impact of Oncological Therapy and Viscum album L Treatment on Cancer-Related Fatigue and Internal Coherence in Nonmetastasized Breast Cancer Patients.  Integr Cancer Ther. 2020;19:1534735420917211. Pubmed:

Diers, J., Wagner, J., Baum, P., Lichthardt, S., Kastner, C., Matthes, N., Matthes, H., Germer, C.T., Löb, S., Wiegering, A.:  Nationwide in-hospital mortality rate following rectal resection for rectal cancer according to annual hospital volume in Germany.  BJS Open. 2020;4(2):310-9. Pubmed:

Matthes, H., Thronicke, A., Hofheinz, R.D., Baars, E., Martin, D., Huber, R., Breitkreuz, T., Bar-Sela, G., Galun, D., Schad, F.:  Statement to an Insufficient Systematic Review on Viscum album L. Therapy.  Evid-Based Compl Alt. 2020;2020:7091039. Pubmed:



Kucharzik, T., Dignass, A.U., Atreya, R., Bokemeyer, B., Esters, P., Herrlinger, K., Kannengießer, K., Kienle, P., Langhorst, J., Lügering, A., Schreiber, S., Stallmach, A., Stein, J., Sturm, A., Teich, N., Siegmund, B., Collaborators::  [August 2019 - AWMF-Registriernummer: 021-009].  Z Gastroenterol. 2019;57(11):1321-405. Pubmed:

Matthes, H., Hofheinz, R.D., Bar-Sela, G., Galun, D., Martin, D., Huber, R., Langhorts, J., Matthiessen, P.F., Schad, F.:  Letter to the editors of the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology.  J Cancer Res Clin. 2019;145(9):2405-7. Pubmed:

Diers, J., Wagner, J., Baum, P., Lichthardt, S., Kastner, C., Matthes, N., Löb, S., Matthes, H., Germer, C.T., Wiegering, A.:  Nationwide in-hospital mortality following colonic cancer resection according to hospital volume in Germany.  BJS Open. 2019;3(5):672-7. Pubmed:

Baars, E.W., Zoen, E.B.v., Breitkreuz, T., Martin, D., Matthes, H., von Schoen-Angerer, T., Soldner, G., Vagedes, J., van Wietmarschen, H., Patijn, O., Willcox, M., von Flotow, P., Teut, M., von Ammon, K., Thangavelu, M., Wolf, U., Hummelsberger, J.,...[mehr]   The Contribution of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to Reduce Antibiotic Use: A Narrative Review of Health Concepts, Prevention, and Treatment Strategies.  Evid-Based Compl Alt. 2019;2019:5365608. Pubmed:

Oei, S.L., Thronicke, A., Kröz, M., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Use and Safety of Viscum album L Applications in Cancer Patients With Preexisting Autoimmune Diseases: Findings From the Network Oncology Study.  Integr Cancer Ther. 2019;18:1534735419832367. Pubmed:



Thronicke, A., Oei, S.L., Merkle, A., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Clinical Safety of Combined Targeted and Viscum album L. Therapy in Oncological Patients.  Medicines (Basel). 2018;5(3). Pubmed:

Schad, F., Thronicke, A., Merkle, A., Steele, M.L., Kröz, M., Herbstreit, C., Matthes, H.:  Implementation of an Integrative Oncological Concept in the Daily Care of a German Certified Breast Cancer Center.  Complement Med Res. 2018;25(2):85-91. Pubmed:

Thronicke, A., Oei, S.L., Merkle, A., Herbstreit, C., Lemmens, H.P., Grah, C., Kröz, M., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Integrative cancer care in a certified Cancer Centre of a German Anthroposophic hospital.  Complement Ther Med. 2018;40:151-7. Pubmed:

Schad, F., Thronicke, A., Steele, M.L., Merkle, A., Matthes, B., Grah, C., Matthes, H.:  Overall survival of stage IV non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with Viscum album L. in addition to chemotherapy, a real-world observational multicenter analysis.  PLoS ONE. 2018;13(8):e0203058. Pubmed:

Thronicke, A., Kröz, M., Merkle, A., Matthes, H., Herbstreit, C., Schad, F.:  Psychosocial, Cognitive, and Physical Impact of Elaborate Consultations and Life Review in Female Patients with Non-Metastasized Breast Cancer.  Complement Med Res. 2018;25(2):92-101. Pubmed:

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Axtner, J., Steele, M., Kröz, M., Spahn, G., Matthes, H., Schad, F.:  Health services research of integrative oncology in palliative care of patients with advanced pancreatic cancer.  BMC Cancer. 2016;16:579. Pubmed: