Selected Publications

of the Epidemiology and Prevention Research Unit of the Institute for Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

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Birth cohort studies and allergy research

  • Anastasova V., Mahalatchimy A., Rial-Sebbag E., Antó Boqué J.M., Keil T., Sunyer J., Bousquet J. & Cambon-Thomsen A.: Communication of results and disclosure of incidental findings in longitudinal paediatric research. Pediatr Allergy Immu 2013; 24, 389-94
  • Bousquet J., Anto J., Sunyer J., Nieuwenhuijsen M., Vrijheid M., Keil T., MeDALL Study Group, CHICOS Study Group, ENRIECO Study Group & GA²LEN Study Group: Pooling birth cohorts in allergy and asthma: European Union-funded initiatives - a MeDALL, CHICOS, ENRIECO, and GA²LEN joint paper. Int Arch Allergy Imm 2013; 161, 1-10
  • Esparza-Gordillo J., Schaarschmidt H., Liang L., Cookson W., Bauerfeind A., Lee-Kirsch M.A., Nemat K., Henderson J., Paternoster L., Harper J.I., Mangold E., Nothen M.M., Rüschendorf F., Kerscher T., Marenholz I., Matanovic A., Lau S., Keil T., Bauer C.P., Kurek M., Ciechanowicz A., Macek M., Franke A., Kabesch M., Hubner N., Abecasis G., Weidinger S., Moffatt M. & Lee Y.A.: A functional IL-6 receptor (IL6R) variant is a risk factor for persistent atopic dermatitis. J Allergy Clin Immun 2013; 132, 371-7
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  • Hompes S., Dölle S., Grünhagen J., Grabenhenrich L. & Worm M.: Elicitors and co-factors in food-induced anaphylaxis in adults. Clin Transl Allergy 2013; 3, 38
  • Querfeld U., Keil T., Beyer K., Stock P., Pilz S., März W., Weisse K. & Lehmann I.: Vitamin D in early life: good or bad for food allergies? Allergy 2013; 68, 1081-3
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  • Scholtens S., Postma D.S., Moffatt M.F., Panasevich S., Granell R., Henderson A.J., Melén E., Nyberg F., Pershagen G., Jarvis D., Ramasamy A., Wjst M., Svanes C., Bouzigon E., Demenais F., Kauffmann F., Siroux V., von Mutius E., Ege M.J., Braun-Fahrländer C., Genuneit J., GABRIELA study group, Brunekreef B., Smit H.A., Wijga A.H., Kerkhof M., Curjuric I., Imboden M., Thun G.A., Probst-Hensch N., Freidin M.B., Bragina E.I., Deev I.A., Puzyrev V.P., Daley D., Park J., Becker A., Chan-Yeung M., Kozyrskyj A.L., Pare P., Marenholz I., Lau S., Keil T., Lee Y.A., Kabesch M., Wijmenga C., Franke L., Nolte I.M., Vonk J., Kumar A., Farrall M., Cookson W.O.C.M., Strachan D.P., Koppelman G.H. & Boezen H.M.: Novel childhood asthma genes interact with in utero and early-life tobacco smoke exposure. J Allergy Clin Immun 2014; 133, 885-8
  • Steppuhn H., Langen U., Scheidt-Nave C. & Keil T.: Major comorbid conditions in asthma and association with asthma-related hospitalizations and emergency department admissions in adults: results from the German national health telephone interview survey (GEDA) 2010. BMC Pulm Med 2013; 13, 46

Prevention research

  • Krist L., Dimeo F. & Keil T.: Can progressive resistance training twice a week improve mobility, muscle strength, and quality of life in very elderly nursing-home residents with impaired mobility? A pilot study. Clin Interv Aging 2013; 8, 443-8
  • Leenders M., Sluijs I., Ros M.M., Boshuizen H.C., Siersema P.D., Ferrari P., Weikert C., Tjønneland A., Olsen A., Boutron-Ruault M.C., Clavel-Chapelon F., Nailler L., Teucher B., Li K., Boeing H., Bergmann M.M., Trichopoulou A., Lagiou P., Trichopoulos D., Palli D., Pala V., Panico S., Tumino R., Sacerdote C., Peeters P.H.M., van Gils C.H., Lund E., Engeset D., Redondo M.L., Agudo A., Sánchez M.J., Navarro C., Ardanaz E., Sonestedt E., Ericson U., Nilsson L.M., Khaw K.T., Wareham N.J., Key T.J., Crowe F.L., Romieu I., Gunter M.J., Gallo V., Overvad K., Riboli E. & Bueno-de-Mesquita H.B.: Fruit and vegetable consumption and mortality: European prospective investigation into cancer and nutrition. Am J Epidemiol 2013; 178, 590-602
  • Müller-Riemenschneider F., Pereira G., Villanueva K., Christian H., Knuiman M., Giles-Corti B. & Bull F.C.: Neighborhood walkability and cardiometabolic risk factors in Australian adults: an observational study. BMC Public Health 2013
  • Querfeld U., Keil T., Beyer K., Stock P., Pilz S., März W., Weisse K. & Lehmann I.: Vitamin D in early life: good or bad for food allergies? Allergy 2013; 68, 1081-3
  • Sloan R.A., Haaland B.A., Leung C. & Müller-Riemenschneider F.: The use of point-of-decision prompts to increase stair climbing in Singapore. Int J Environ Res Public Health 2013; 10, 21and emergency department admissions in adults: results from the German national health telephone interview survey (GEDA) 2010. BMC Pulm Med 2013; 13, 46

Mental Health

  • Berghöfer A, Alda M, Adli M, Baethge C, Bauer M, Bschor T, Glenn T, Grof P, Müller-Oerlinghausen B, Rybakowski J, Suwalska A, Pfennig A. Long-term Effectiveness of Lithium in Bipolar Disorder – A Multicenter Investigation of Patients with Typical and Atypical Features. J Clin Psychiatr 2008; 69:1860-1868
  • Pfennig A, Schlattmann P, Alda M, Grof P, Glenn T, Müller-Oerlinghausen B, Suwalska A, Rybakowski J, Willich SN, Bauer M, Berghöfer A. Influence of atypical features on the quality of prophylactic effectiveness of long-term lithium treatment in bipolar disorders. Bipolar Disord 2010;12:390-396
  • Berghöfer A, Alda M, Adli M, Baethge C, Bauer M, Bschor T, Grof P, Müller-Oerlinghausen B, Rybakowski JK, Suwalska A, Pfennig A. Stability of Lithium Treatment in Bipolar Disorder - Long-Term Follow-up of 346 Patients. Int J Bipolar Disorders 2013;1:11
  • Schulte E, Hermann K, Berghöfer A, Hagmeister H, Schuh-Hofer S, Schenk M, Kopf A, Vilain M, Martus P, Willich SN, Boemke W. Referral practices in patients suffering from non-malignant chronic pain. Eur J Pain 2010; 14:308.
  • Berghöfer A, Roll S, Bauer M, Willich SN, Pfennig A. Screening for Depression in High Utilizer Patients of Primary Care Resources. Community Mental Health Journal 2014; 50 (7): 753-758
  • Berghöfer A, Hartwich A, Bauer M, Unützer J, Willich SN, Pfennig A. Efficacy of a Systematic Depression Management Program in High Utilizers of Primary Care: a Randomized Trial. BMC Health Services Research 2012, 12:298
  • Fischer F, Hoffmann KM, Mönter N, Walle M, Beneke R, Negenborn S, Weinmann S, Willich SN, Berghöfer A. Kostenevaluation eines Modells der Integrierten Versorgung für schwer psychisch Kranke. Gesundheitswesen 2014, 76(2):86-95
  • Ostermann, Julia K; Berghöfer, Anne; Andersohn, Frank; Fischer, Felix. Frequency and clinical relevance of potential cytochrome P450 drug interactions in a psychiatric patient population - an analysis based on German insurance claims data. BMC Health Serv Res 2016; 16:482
  • Berghöfer A, Hubmann S, Birker T, Hejnal T, Fischer F. Evaluation of quality indicators of integrated care in a regional psychiatry budget – a pre-post comparison by secondary data analysis. Int J Integrated Care 2016; 16 (4): 17, pp 1-7.

Musicians Medicine

  • Schmidt A, Fernholz I, Berghöfer A, Gross M, Willich SN. Musikermedizin in Berlin – Neue Kooperation zwischen Charité - Universitätsmedizin und Musikhochschulen. Musikforum 2016;2:54
  • Fernholz I, Berghöfer A, Willich SN. Musikerkrankheiten in den Fokus gerückt. Musikforum 2013; Heft 1: 14-15

History of the Institute

  • Willich SN, Berghöfer A. Voices from the Past. George Wolff (1886-1952): Spreading the Legacy of Alfred Grotjahn to the United States. Am J Public Health, 2013, 103 (12):2202-3
  • Willich SN, Etzold K, Berghöfer A. Emigration von Sozialmedizinern der Berliner Charité in die USA - Karrieren der Schüler Alfred Grotjahns. Gesundheitswesen 2007;69:694-698
  • Berghöfer A, Niehoff JU, Willich SN. Erika Sieber. Gesundheitswesen 2006;68(4):278