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Current Survey

The current survey of the birth cohort of the MAS study will take place this year. Here you will find more detailed information about the procedure of the survey.

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In 1990, your parents and you first participated in the MAS study (Multicentric Allergy Study). The study interviewed their parents about their health and various studies (eg blood and urine tests, pulmonary function tests) were carried out. Initial interviews and investigations took place at almost yearly intervals until the age of 15 years. Most recently, in 2010 we asked you current questions about your state of health and related topics.

Now, 27 to 28 years after you were born, we are again conducting a survey to see if you are currently suffering from any medical conditions. We ask you about allergies, but also about other diseases. And just when you are healthy, what we hope for, we need this information to compare you with the other study participants. The survey contributes to the fact that for the first time in Germany findings on asthma, allergies and other chronic diseases from birth to adulthood are available. This data will lead to a better understanding of the impact of the living environment on the development of chronic diseases - an important basis for decisions in the field of early detection and prevention.

These studies were performed at the different time points in the MAS study. The current survey (27-28 years) contains only one questionnaire.

So many subjects participated in surveys of the MAS study. We hope that as many participants as possible will be part of the current survey.