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Epidemiology and Prevention Research Unit

The scientists of the Epidemiology and Prevention Reserach Unit of the Institute of Social Medicine, Epidemiology and Health Economics at the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin deal with issues relevant to the health of the population from various medical fields. From the results, they derive concrete recommendations for action on prevention, diagnostics and therapy.

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Epidemiology and Prevention Research Unit

Epidemiology is the science of identifying the determinants of health and disease, and - as far as possible - quantifying the risks associated with these determinants. Its primary goal is to improve medical care for the general population. Research in clinical epidemiology draws upon the analytical tools, methodology, and human resources of many other disciplines, including demography, statistics, biology, medicine, and sociology, to name just a few. A single research project can involve work in areas as diverse as clinical diagnosis and screening, medical decision-making, disease prevention, and measuring the effects of specific treatments. With this in mind, our project division - and the institute as a whole - endeavour to address pressing questions from a variety of medical fields. As can be seen in the following study abstracts, much of our work has already led to scientifically sound and economically viable approaches to improving medical diagnosis, therapy, and prevention.