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Internal and Integrative Medicine Research Group

The group is located a the Centre for Naturopathy, Immanuel Krankenhaus Berlin

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Centre for Naturopathy

As part of the foundation chair for clinical naturopathy and the associated cooperation with the Centre for Naturopathy at the Immanuel Hospital Berlin, clinically naturopathic treatment concepts are integrated and subjected to extensive scientific evaluation in the inpatient (40 beds), day-care (10 beds) and outpatient care including the University Outpatient Department for Naturopathy at Wannsee. Besides conventional naturopathy treatments such as nutritional therapy, movement, phytotherapy, hydro-balneotherapy and lifestyle regulation/ mind-body medicine, traditional therapies from the European (fasting, bloodletting, diversion techniques, manual therapy) and non-European region (Ayurveda, acupuncture, Chinese/Southeast Asian medicine) are applied in the treatment of chronic disorders in particular. 

The scientific work focuses on the development of innovative "best-practice" models for integrative medicine, i.e. the combination of complementary medical and orthodox medical approaches, along with the implementation of high-quality clinical studies regarding the effectiveness and safety of the above methods. Suitable conditions for health care research also result from more than 5000 annual treatment cases. We develop integrative concepts for progressive development in the treatment of the most important chronic and lifestyle-associated illnesses. Our publications in prestigious medical journals, presentations at national and international conferences, our national networking and international cooperation distinguish us as one of the world's leading clinical research groups in the area of naturopathy and integrative medicine.